Who is 'audio alafons'?

Fons van der Wegen
Tilburg, Netherlands

What got me started in music production as a teenager was the impact of hearing (and seeing) my favorite tracks edited to visual images in film.

It led me to graduating at the ‘Herman Brood Academy, Utrecht’ in 2013 as a music producer. And also releasing my own music on analog music formats and digital platforms. Both independently and via small international labels.

During this journey I realized that when I start from a visual image, certain atmosphere or concept I achieve the most interesting, unique and exciting productions. It challenges me creatively, keeps me innovative and let’s me tell a story musically and sonically with lots of variation.

In 2019 I decided to share my passion, creativity and skills as a freelancer by the name ‘Audio Alafons’. Under this brandname I provide bespoke music, sound design, stockmusic, location sound recording and audio post production for video/content creators and brands!