Royalty free stockmusic by Audio Alafons

Looking for an easy, quick and affordable way to use music from Audio Alafons in your project? No problem!

– Pick your track in the Audio Alafons stockmusic library
– Choose a license that fits your need (View all 5 license types here)
– Hit ‘BUY NOW’ or ‘ADD TO CART’

what's included?

Every track features 4 alternate versions for extra versatility and usability. 

– Full length version (WAV + MP3)
– 60 second version (WAV + MP3)
– 30 second version (WAV + MP3)
– 15 second version (WAV + MP3)

Where do I purchase a license?

It’s possible to license music from Audio Alafons via Audiojungle, a large global online platform for music licensing. Being part of the Envato marketplace it is one of the most trusted and popular places to buy digital products online.

Don't want to miss out?

New music will be added to the Audio Alafons stockmusic library on a regular basis! Make sure to subscribe to my Youtube and/or Soundcloud page to not miss out on any new updates!


All information about copyright, copyright notice clearance, and content ID!

If your video has been identified as matching third party content or “flagged”, do not worry! This is simply a notice from YouTube that you’re using music with a copyright belonging to Audio Alafons.

IMPORTANT: A flag is not to be confused with a “strike”, a flag will not negatively affect your account! A strike is when your account has to forcefully remove content because of illegal use.

All videos that match third party content (shown as “HAAWK for a 3rd party”) are automatically flagged by YouTube until they know that you have the rights to use the music legally. This is normal and expected as my entire portfolio is protected by Content ID. It’s important to note that while a video is flagged, Ads may still run, but monetization will be disabled. To enable monetization again, you must first ‘clear’ the video!

To ‘clear’ your video (to remove a copyright notice), go to

- Select “Release a HAAWK Claim on a video”,
- Enter the link to your video and fill in your name and email address
- Copy and paste your license information in the ‘Additional message’ box, together with following text.

“I have purchased a license to use the music track “[Title of the Track]” by Audio Alafons from the website ‘’, and have the right to use the track on YouTube. I am pasting my license information below as proof.”

The claim should be released within just a few hours after you click SUBMIT

- Upload the video, set it to “unlisted” and wait for the copyright notice to appear…
When uploading your video set it to “unlisted” A YouTube link will be generated, however the video will not yet be “live” for your subscribers to see. You will receive a copyright notice (also known as a “flag”) because of the copyrighted music. This is normal and expected as my entire portfolio is protected by Content ID.
- Clear the video at HAAWK
Fill in the HAAWK form (as described in 2. HOW DO I CLEAR MY VIDEO) at and wait for the copyright notice to disappear.. The claim should be released within just a few hours after you click SUBMIT.

- Go public… Now that the copyright notice is gone, set your video’s visibility setting from “unlisted” to “public”

- Login to your Audiojungle (or any Envato Market) account and click on the downloads tab.
- Locate the track you have purchased, and click on “Download”.

Here you’ll have the option to download the license file as a PDF or (.txt)

Content ID is a “digital fingerprint” for online content (in this case music) for recognition and tracking across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. With this digital fingerprint it's possible to check for legal and illegal use of copyrighted content. Leaving the original author in full control over his material.

To provide the best support to my customers I added a “digital fingerprint” to all my stockmusic. This ensures:

- My music is protected against infringement
- No other person or entity can claim my music elsewhere
- There are no conflicting copyright issues for customers using my music
- I have the tools to support customers to clear their videos quickly and easily

While it will add an extra step to use my music in your projects. It’s a necessary step to protect your investment in my music, protect YouTube, Facebook and Instagram from legal consequences, and protect me and my work.

A dedicated page explaining all of the above with some step-by-step images. Buyers Guide to YouTube Content ID & Copyright Notices